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Here’s a little secret. You know when you’ve having one of those days when everything is just going wrong, and you’re feeling rather crappy? Yes, scoffing a load of chocolate, crisps and popcorns really helps, but here’s what I do – I put on some hot little undies! THEN I scoff a load of chocolate, crisps and popcorns. For some reason, some sexy knicks really make you feel a load better about yourself. Try it next time you’re feeling down! I promise you it works. I’m having one of those myself today, and my Buzz Lightyear pants are definitely cheering me up no end 😉

These are the lingerie pieces I’m currently lusting after. As you can see, I’m a big fan of colourful underwear! If you’ve followed Girl in the Lens for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of coloured clothing in general – it’s such an instant mood booster. With lingerie, I also love pieces with lots of personality, that a bit cheeky and playful. My go-to sites for cute undies are definitely Topshop (they have the most fun little pants ever, like the Cowboys and Indians one in this post) and Gilly Hicks. Gilly is a recent find of mine, after getting a voucher to spend in their Regent Street store. I did buy a couple of tees but the rest was all underwear (I’ll show you a haul on the blog soon), and they just have the most gorgeous colours and playful prints, and are so affordable too. I’ve also recently discovered Uniprice (a kind of global shopping portal great for price comparison). They have an awesome lingerie section that I’ve been using to find the best prices for my current wants, so you never have to pay more than you need to!

Which undies are on your lust wishlist? x

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Name Necklace and Spotty Keds

Motel Parma dress with polka dots drop waistPolka dot dress Girl in the Lens Drop waist retro dressDip dye blonde brown ombre hairKeds polka dot spotty sneakersKeds shoes outfitsUK fashion bloggersEasy summer outfitsAnna Lou name necklace Drop waist dress outfitsHeart shaped lollipop Cute jumping girl photo

dress: Motel, shoes: c/o Keds, bag: c/o Chicwish, necklace: c/o Anna Lou of London

See – it wasn’t long before the polka dots were back on the blog, and this time it’s a double whammy! I seriously can’t get enough of this adorable little dress from Motel. It’s the perfect, easy summer dress – the sort of dress that you can just pull on and go, especially on those days when you just don’t know what to wear and nothing in your wardrobe seems to work. I love that it’s super cutesy and fun with the drop-waist and polka dot print, but there’s still something about it that keeps it from being too girly. I probably pushed it over the edge with these polka dot Keds, but who cares! You can’t help but feel happy wearing this outfit.

And how adorable is my Natasha necklace? I recently discovered Anna Lou of London, and have been obsessed with all their customisable jewellery. The name necklaces are definitely my favourite, and I love the colour of Anna’s rose gold – not too cheap looking, just a lovely rich, warm gold. Having my own has finally fulfilled my dream to be Carrie Bradshaw (or so I’m telling myself!). x

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Summer Shorts Under £50

Top summer shorts 2013 ASOS

Black / Pink / Army / Lemon / Geo / Denim

All items sourced via Shopcade

I think I have a bigger range of shorts than I do anything other type of clothes in my wardrobe. They’re more practical than skirts (no naughty wind-swept moments), more versatile (I wear them under skirts to avoid those naughty wind-swept moments), and they make your legs look amazing. So get your shorts out and show off those pins, girls! These are six of my favourites this summer, with their flirty shapes, fun prints and gorgeous colours. Plus, they’re all under £50 (and the Primark denim shorts are just £12!! Crazy!)

Which ones are your favourite? x

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Running / Jogging Outfits

Women's running jogging outfitsSports athlete photographyPuma racerback sports bra topNike free run trainersGirls running photosWomen's running clothesPuma running shorts Jogging shorts for womenGirl in the Lens running Nike sneakersGirl in the LensRunning photographsSmiling happy girlNike performance free run

top: ASOS, sports bra: Puma, shorts: Puma, shoes: Nike c/o Zalando

Now I’m not the world’s most active girl (hello, I’m an author – sitting is a rather big part of our jobs!) but I love running! Not only is it free, and you get to explore new areas, but it’s such a great feeling. I find it so refreshing, so I usually go when my afternoon is dragging on and I’m stuck with writing. Fifteen minutes and a few kilometres later and my head is clear, and I feel full of energy to get to work. Perfect! It’s definitely something you need to slowly build up, and half the time you do just think thisishorriblethisishorriblethisishorrible, but it’s so worth it.

When I run, function is far more important to me than fashion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look cute! There is some great sportswear out there that combines functionality with fashion. One of my favourite brands is Puma, because their sportswear is affordable too but really great quality. A good sports bra is a must, and I would recommend a pair of running shorts too, since they’re made to cool you down and keep you feeling fresh to run for longer.

Trainers of course are the one thing you shouldn’t skimp on. Get proper running ones, like my Nike Performance Free Runs, because they’ll make a world of difference, both to your health (they support your feet and legs and help avoid nasty running injuries) and your running (you’ll be lighter and quicker on your feet). I know £85 might seem like a lot of money to spend on trainers, but I can’t recommend a good pair of running shoes enough. And that would pretty much be the cost of two months use of a gym, which running will save you the money on anyway!

Do you love to run too? Let me know in the comments below!  And take a look at Zalando if you’re thinking about getting into running, as they have the best selection ever of trainers and sportwear x

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Superdry Men’s T-Shirts

UK male fashion bloggerBoys in boots Fashion blogger boyfriendsDaniel Wellington men's watchMen t-shirt outfitsCall it Spring men's bootsSuperdry t-shirts for men

top: c/o Superdry, trousers: H&M, boots: c/o Call it Spring, watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

Well look who it is! While I have to admit of course that I’m nowhere near as great a photographer as Callum – especially using his new camera, which is super sensitive with the focus – it does make a nice change being the one behind the lens. I think he realises as well how it’s not actually that easy to pose (especially with someone moaning at you about how awfully you’re doing it)!

Superdry sent us this plain tee, which is really well priced at £16.99 because the material is oh-so-soft and a little thicker than your standard t-shirt. I love this colour on Callum and it works great with the dark blue cargo-style trousers and brown boots and belt. His boots are from a press event at Call it Spring last year. Callum usually wears Converse or doesn’t tuck his trousers into his boots, but I love this slightly military-inspired look on him. Here’s a little trick I’ve learnt styling Callum for short boys who want to rock the tucked-in-boots look, especially if you’re quite built on the top like him – tuck your top into your trousers and belt, at least at the front. It adds a sense of height and creates better proportions than an un-tucked top.

P.S. Just look at the difference in light between these pictures and the post before shot in Seville. Waaahhh! What is up with this UK ‘summer’?! x

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